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Interested? Ask a question or get a free consultation
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Doctors themselves will fly to you in Odessa
Your comfort is the most important factor in the work of Turkey Hair Center, which is why we make sure that the doctors themselves fly to Ukraine!

No need to get tired of flights, take tests for Covid-19 and search for a hotel.
Your comfort is the most important factor in the work of Turkey Hair Center, which is why we make sure that the doctors themselves fly to Ukraine!

No need to get tired of flights, take tests for Covid-19 and search for a hotel.
It has been repeatedly proven in practice that flights not only negatively affect hair healing process,

but also the condition of the person as a whole – after the operation, it is necessary to have some rest, relax, no sweating, no freezing, and no contact with both the donor zone and the transplant zone. And now let's imagine a typical situation at the airport: queues of people, PCR tests, and moreover the flight gets delayed too. When you finally got into the cabin, you may encounter the problem of Lack of oxygen (oxygen concentration decreases during the flight in the cabin of the aircraft) or Pressure drops (especially noticeable during takeoff and landing)

How is the hair transplant operation going?
Free consultation
The doctor will assess the stage of alopecia and the required amount of work. You will immediately pass the necessary tests to make sure that your state of health allows for the procedure. The results will be ready on the same day.
Easy transplant without traces. The operation will be performed under local anesthesia. During this time, you can chat with doctors, watch a movie or read a book. During the break, you will be offered a delicious lunch.
Washing your hair in the clinic
Free consultations and a set for hair care. After 7 days, when your hair grows back a little, you will look great. It won't take long to see the result!
History of Transformations
Our clients before and after hair transplant procedure
Why are we better than other clinics?
Fixed cost
Unlike other clinics, we do not count grafts and do not charge the price based on it!
If you do not get the expected result, we will do the second operation completely free of charge.
It's comfortable!
No flights, no tests for Covid-19. The doctors themselves will fly to Odessa specifically for the operation.
Free consultations
You can be followed up with us after the operation. No need to worry – the doctors stay in touch every day.
You are in good hands!
Highly qualified surgeons from Turkey – over 10 years of experience have radically changed the lives of tens of thousands of men and women.
Transplant without traces
We transplant hair not only on the head but also to the beard and eyebrows.
The result will not be long in coming!
Do you only transplant hair on the head?
We also work with beards and eyebrows!
Feedback from our clients
I am glad that in February I got a consultation with a Turkish doctor in Odessa. Without a moment's hesitation, I agreed to a hair transplant on the next available dates. If it were not for this possibility of hair transplantation in Ukraine, I probably would have been planning to fly to Turkey for several more years.
I chose Turkey Hair Center because they have the best balance of service quality and cost.
I never regretted my choice for a minute!
My only regret is that I haven't done this before!
Thank you very much for your work and professionalism! I wore hats for a long time to hide my hair loss. But now it is no longer needed! And most importantly, the operation took place
in Odessa – just one day and you change forever.
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The price is lower, the doctors are the same
Let's compare the prices for an operation with the same specialists:
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Covid-19 test
Analyzes before surgery
2000€ - 2400€
2000€ - 2400€
1800€ - 3750€
Hotel + breakfast
(4 days)
Hair transplant cost includes:
Doctors will consult you before the operation, as well as keep in touch with you after the procedure
Hair care
Shampoo, lotion, and medications for a month after your hair
transplant procedure
Lifetime warranty
We guarantee the result. The average survival rate of our works is 95%
Booking a hotel
Book a hotel in the center of Odessa
All necessary tests
Want to know more about hair?
What to expect after surgery?
1st night:
After your hair transplant surgery, you will have a bandage on the donor part and a headband around your forehead to avoid puffiness of the face. You will see crusts in the recipient area and small red holes in the donor area that heal within 15 days.
You may feel swelling, itching, and mild pain a couple of days after your hair transplant surgery. These symptoms can be alleviated with ice, softening lotions, or some symptomatic medicine recommended by your doctor.

Day 1 – 2
Bandaging is performed at the clinic. Then your bandage will be removed.
You should start the washing procedure on your head after surgery strictly following your doctor's recommendations.

Day 5 – 7
The transplanted hair will become stronger and will not fall out when touched. You must avoid scratches, mechanical damage. 4-5 days after the operation, the hair in the transplanted area will begin to fall out and this will continue for 2-3 months. After that, new, permanent hair will start growing.

Day 15 – 30
After 2-3 weeks, your appearance will return to normal. People around you will not realize that you have had hair transplant surgery.

2 – 3 months
The active stage of the initial hair growth begins.

4 – 6 months
In the 4th month, the hair growth rate will increase and during the 6th month, you will see half the result and some obvious changes.

6 – 12 months
The transplanted hair will continue to grow and become thicker.

12 – 18 months
After 12-18 months, you will see the final result of your hair transplant surgery. You will get the look of stronger, longer, and thicker hair. The end result will appear 12-15 months after surgery on the anterior surface and 18 to 20 months on the top.
Main causes of hair loss
All known causes of scalp hair loss can be divided into two main groups: hereditary and acquired.
Hereditary causes imply a chronic course of hair loss, often leading to nature-programmed baldness. Acquired causes are external influences on the follicles. Often, after their elimination, the condition returns to normal.
An important cause of hair loss is protein and vitamin deficiencies. At the same time, a powerful stress for the hair follicle, leading to staging failures, is unstable endocrine profile.
Alopecia: stages and signs
The main symptom of scalp alopecia is a decrease in hair density. The pathological process can affect both the entire scalp area as a whole, and its individual parts, developing either gradually or arising all of a sudden. In the case of a slow progression of symptoms of baldness, the staging of the disease in men and women manifests itself in different ways.

Signs of alopecia in men
Men more often pay attention to the raising hairline in the frontal area due to hair thinning and loss. This leads to an increased look of the upper part of the face. In many men, slow baldness in the back of the head also joins the thinning edge of hair growth in the forehead, after which both thinning areas expand towards each other to form a completely bald area. It develops due to the activity of the substance dihydrotestosterone in the scalp area, which is sensitive to male sex hormones.

Signs of alopecia in women
In women, the hairline on the forehead remains intact; baldness begins with a thinning of the parietal zone, expansion of the central parting and diffusely spreads in breadth. Patients often pay attention to such signs of alopecia as a decrease in the volume of the bun and the appearance of visible areas of the bare scalp in hairstyles with taut hair. This type of baldness is called female pattern baldness. Complete baldness in women due to hormonal changes does not occur.
Types of baldness
Alopecia is an abnormal hair loss that leads to thinning or disappearance of hair in certain areas of the head or trunk. Types of alopecia are classified depending on the course of the pathological process (presence or absence of scarring) and on the degree of its prevalence (limited or cicatricial alopecia).

Cicatricial types of alopecia are the result of the active destruction of the hair follicle and its replacement with fibrous tissue. As a rule, scalp diseases occur in two phases: in the early stages, non-scarring alopecia develops – a type of hair loss, accompanied by complete loss of the bulbs and their subsequent replacement with fibrous tissue. Then the cicatricial form appears. It, in turn, is divided into primary, in which the follicle itself becomes the target for the inflammatory process, and secondary when the damage to the hair follicle is a consequence of nonspecific inflammation. Primary alopecia types include such inflammatory diseases of the scalp area as lupus erythematosus, lichen planus, keloid acne, which are based on overactive reactions of cellular immunity. Secondary cicatricial alopecia types are such types of hair loss that develop against the background of trauma, burns, tumors, and radiation therapy. In both cases, the areas of baldness are smooth scar, devoid of follicles, therefore, restoration of hair growth in such areas is impossible.

Non-scarring types of baldness develop as a result of a disruption in the hair growth cycle. They are most often genetically predetermined, less often they can be caused by external causes (for example, pharmaceutical drugs). Telogen types of hair loss are associated with a premature onset of the resting phase and an increase in the number of the falling out telogen hair that has lost the ability to grow. This group includes genetically predetermined hair loss, provoked by the action of androgens circulating in the blood and leading to a programmed reduction and death of the bulbs. With anagen types of alopecia, hair loss occurs due to follicles in the phase of active growth. Generally, these are severe types of alopecia, in some cases leading to complete hair loss. The cause may have autoimmune nature when immune cells do not distinguish between their own proteins and have an aggressive effect on growing shafts. A striking example of this type of baldness is alopecia areata. At the same time, anagen alopecia can develop against the background of the toxic effect of pharmaceutical drugs used, in particular, in chemotherapy of tumors that disrupt the division and metabolism of hair cells.
Hair loss rate per day
Human skin contains about 2 million follicles, most of which produce rapidly maturing, thin, non-pigmented vellus hair.

The rate of hair loss for each person ranges from 50 to 125 hairs per day. Despite the fact that the density of hair on the head depends on its type and the thickness of the shafts, the amount of hair falling out is approximately the same for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. The duration of growth cycles and the rate of hair loss that is considered adequate for a person are genetically predetermined factors. Normally, maximum hair loss occurs during washing. However, it is wrong to believe that limiting the frequency of hygiene procedures will help preserve your hair. Over time, the hairs will lose their ability to grow, separate from the papilla, and fall out anyway. Washing helps maintain scalp hygiene and also removes hair that has already fallen out.
Can shampoo save your hair?
Most cases of baldness are due to genetic inheritance; but other factors, such as unhealthy diet, stressful life, or illness, can cause or accelerate hair loss, initially caused by genetic factors. So can anti hair loss shampoo do anything for us?

The root of the hair follicle, which is responsible for the formation of new hair, is located 3-4 mm below our scalp. However, when we apply anti-hair loss shampoo or any other product to our head, it does not penetrate so deeply, but, on the contrary, it acts on the epidermis and on the already grown hair.

This means that the shampoo for hair loss does not penetrate deep enough into the scalp to affect the roots of the follicles. Thus, no "miracle" shampoo can stop hair loss or make our hair grow back again; but it can be very beneficial to keep our scalp and hair healthy.
Hair transplantation
The most effective treatment for hair loss is hair transplant.
The result of hair transplantation, when performed by professionals with sufficient experience and with all the guarantees, lasts a lifetime. Modern hair transplantation techniques such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) can achieve impressive results without leaving any side effects or scars.
Micropigmentation is a relatively new medical and cosmetic procedure, designed primarily to create a visual illusion of the hairline using dyes.
After it is carried out, a pattern of follicles of short-cropped hair is formed on the skin, visually similar to a "shaved head"

Micropigmentation is used to hide:
- alopecia (baldness)
- scars and scars,
- partial or complete absence of hairline for other reasons (in men and women)

The essence of the process is the application of a pattern to the hairline zone, by introducing a special pigment shallow under the skin. The action is done with a tattoo machine
We at Turkey Hair Center also provide micropigmentation service
Just imagine how many worries you can face while traveling to Turkey: inconvenient flight connections, constant tests for Covid-19, flying back immediately after surgery, when you just want to relax.

Your comfort is the most important factor in the work of Turkey Hair Center, which is why we make sure that the doctors themselves fly to Ukraine!
Just imagine how many worries you can face while traveling to Turkey: inconvenient flight connections, constant tests for Covid-19, flying back immediately after surgery, when you just want to relax.

Your comfort is the most important factor in the work of Turkey Hair Center, which is why we make sure that the doctors themselves fly to Ukraine!
What will you get after the operation?
Great appearance
Thick hair adds freshness and sexuality to a man's image. And to a man – unshakable confidence in the future.
Now there is no need to spend money on expensive shampoos and medications that supposedly stop hair loss.
No more reasons for bantering! You will forget about constantly wearing hats to disguise your bald head.
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